Blackjack strategy

Winning at blackjack requires skill and information. Knowing the winning strategies for black jack games is important. Employing strategies does not guarantee that an automatic win. It ensures that you have an upper hand while increasing your chances of winning. These strategies for blackjack can be employed to any blackjack alternative offered on a site. Experts at blackjack have also come up with personal strategies.

Each strategy is specific to the type of game you are playing. For example, the strategy employed for a single deck blackjack game is different from the strategy used for a multi-deck game. All these different strategies can be mastered to boost your winning chances. Blackjack strategy guides are available online for gaming enthusiasts. The guides come a long way in ensuring that you have the basic know-how of each game and thereby winning at each of the games.

Use of strategy charts and strategy guides is not allowed during a live gaming session. However, if you are playing online, you can have a peek at the reference charts. This makes blackjack ideal for new players who are not very conversant with the game. After receiving the first two cards, adopt the following strategy:

  • If the dealer has 2 to 6 and you have a 13, stand.
  • If the dealer has 4, 5 or 6, stand on 12.
  • If the dealer shows a 7, stand if you have a hand of 17.
  • If you have 2 cards totaling to 10 or 11, double if the dealer’s amount or total is less than this.
  • For Aces or Eights, split hands.

These are some of the simple strategies that blackjack players can apply.

Doubling is employed for more complex gaming sessions. Double when:

  • You have a Nine and the dealer has cards between 3 and 6
  • You have an Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 while the dealer has a 5 or a 6

Strategies for blackjack betting are an addition to the simple blackjack strategies. The betting strategies do not explain to the players how to play the game or when to hit. They explain the wagering while playing blackjack and can be used for both multi-deck and single-deck games. One of the most common is the Martingale System. This system requires that a player wagers the amount every time they lose a hand. There other strategies for blackjack betting such as the Manhattan Strategy.

How to count cards in blackjack

Blackjack card counting is a popular term used in blackjack games. It is a strategy that is used to increases odds of winning in blackjack. If players are caught counting cards on land-based casinos, they are banned from playing here. Blackjack card counting can be used if one is playing a live game. Online casinos players cannot adopt the card counting strategy as the numbers are randomly generated.

If a player is keen on learning how to count cards in blackjack, he or she should assign each card a specific value. Ace to 9 cards are a value of -1. 7-9 cards have a 0 value while all remaining cards have a +1 value. The value of the card changes as the table game proceeds. A true count of the cards is necessarily as most casinos use multiple decks of cards. The running count is divided by the number of decks that are yet to be played to obtain the true count.


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